What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal Medicine is the use of plant remedies in the treatment of illnesses.  It is the oldest form of medicine, and even today over 80% of the world’s population still relies on herbs for health.  Scotland has a long and learned tradition in the use of herbs as medicine.

Today much is understood about the constituents of herbs which provide scientific explanations for knowledge that was formerly based on experience.  Herbal medicine combines age-old wisdom with scientific knowledge in understanding how herbs work, and how they are best combined for each individual.

How Do Herbs Work?

We rely on food to nourish our bodies, and herbal medicine works similarly.  Plants with an affinity for certain body systems or organs are used to nourish and help the body to restore to health.  Herbs help to support and assist the body’s natural healing process.

Many orthodox medicines are also based on plants and use single constituents to target specific symptoms.  Medical Herbalists use the whole plant because they find that this provides a more balanced approach to healing.  Side effects are rare in herbal medicine.


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