Watch us on Monday 14th July, 7:30pm, BBC Scotland

tony terrill bbcThe garden was recently paid a visit by celebrity chef Tony Singh as part of a BBC Scotland television series about Scotland’s diverse culture and activities, On the Road 2014.  This summer series is looking at events and activities across the length and breadth of Scotland reflecting what the nation is talking about. For next week’s series they decided to look for gardens that open for charity under Scotland’s Gardens.

It was really exciting, and a bit scary.  I received a phone call asking if I would be willing to have a celebrity chef cook in my garden using some of my herbs. I had to say yes. I love cooking and was dying to see what a famous chef would cook here.

The chef turned out to be Tony Singh, complete with his beautiful red turban.
He arrived and within minutes asked me what my hash-tag was so he could tweet about my Cardamom plants. Well that was me… I have a website, but certainly not anything with a hash!

The television crew spent that afternoon in the garden and Tony barbequed a delicious meal. They were all so nice and made the day so comfortable.  The show will be aired on BBC Scotland on Monday 14th July at 7:30pm.