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herb bog beanScotland’s Herbal Medicine Tradition:  I did my degree course dissertation about the use of plants as medicine in the Scottish Highland’s.  Listening to the Sound Archives collected by the University of Edinburgh’s School of Scottish Studies, I collated what the highlanders recollected about the ancient practice.   See Scotland’s Herbal History paper to read the summary article that was based on my dissertation.


herb artichoke

The Liver and how it Detoxes:  Our liver is such an important organ, working constantly to rid the body of toxins.  And yet we often continue to bombard our poor liver with refined sugars, processed foods, alcohol, and cigarette smoke.  Learn more about how the liver does its important detoxification task, and how you can help to nourish it to do it’s best for you.  See The Liver and how it Detoxes paper to learn more.


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